New Competition for 2015/16

­Club Championship 2015/2016

There will be two competitions again this year, but in an attempt to generate closer competition we intend to merge the women’s and men’s competitions. Instead there will be an overall competition for races you have entered and a second competition based around the monthly club 5k handicaps.

Importantly this year you will racing yourself!

Competition 1

2015/16 Races Competition

  • 10 Points will be awarded for each race that you enter at a new distance for that year.

  • 10 Points will be awarded for a beating your season’s best* at each distance.

  • 5 Additional points area available each time you beat your season’s best. So your first season best nets you 10 points, if you beat that time it is worth 15 points and if you manage to beat your new best time you get 20 points and so on each time you beat your previous best time.

  • If you achieve an all time PB it is worth 25 Bonus points in addition to your season’s best points.

  • 10 Points will be awarded for targeted races, watch the club calendar on the website for details of these.

  • Each parkrun on a new course will count as a new distance. So for example if you run Brandon PR one week, then Thetford at a later date you would get 10 points for the first run at each course and season best points thereafter.

  • Multi-sport events will count as long as they include a run element and will be awarded points in the same way. You will get 10 points for each event that you enter as long as the distance and/or combination is different.

  • The run element of multi-sport events will be measured against your previous season’s best for that distance. So if you compete in a triathlon with a 10k run, this will be judged against any other 10k you have done that year.

Competition 2

5k Handicap Competition

  • 10 Points for every BFH 5k handicap that you run.

  • 10 Points for beating your previous season’s best.

  • 5 Additional points for each season’s best thereafter as per the ‘races’ competition – eg second PB = 15 points, 3rd PB = 20 points etc.

  • If you achieve an all time PB it is worth 25 bonus points in addition to your season’s best points.

Ken has kindly agreed to keep tabs on your results and achievements for the 5k handicaps but could you all please email Kevin & myself with your completed races along with any yearly or lifetime PBs. We will be able to check results for Brandon and Thetford parkrun but could you please let us know if you run any other Parkrun courses.

*For the purposes of this competition ‘season’s best’ will refer to the competition ‘season’ which will commence on 1st May 2015