AGM 2015

Fernhoppers logoFor those members who weren’t able to get to the recent AGM you may be unaware that a number of our officers stood down after giving several years sterling service.

It seems wrong to single anybody out, but it is hard not to give special mention to our outgoing chair Martin. He offered himself as chair and race director for the Wibbly Wobbly simultaneously a few years ago when, I think it would be fair to say, morale was pretty low and serious thought was given to ceasing to be a club at all, and letting the races fold with it. Martin saw the folly of this, and stepped into the breach, and with his plan to relocate the Wibbly Wobbly to High Lodge has given an already great event a new lease of life. The club owes him much thanks and I’m delighted that whilst no longer chair, he will still be a crucial part of the Wibbly Wobbly. Paul Meader steps up from vice-chair into the role of Chair.

Sandra Cooper also stood down as Treasurer, having taken over when club stalwarts Sally & Roger Dormer left for pastures new a few years ago. Treasurer is one of those thankless jobs which goes largely unnoticed until it goes wrong, or someone doesn’t want to do it any more. Sandra has been competence and efficiency personified and has also answered my stupid questions at the AGM with good humour. I’m sure we’re all very grateful to her for all the work she has done. Helene Grandison has agreed to take over.

Ken Rooke stood down as club captain after three years in the role. Ken took on the running of the club championship (which Steve Morley had done so much to establish), and has always tried to refresh the championship each year and keep us all interested and keen to enter races. Ken is one of those club members whom I know will continue to make the same contribution regardless of whether he is captain in name or not, and there can be no better testimony than it has taken, not one, but three people to replace him!

Lyn Goodwin, Martin and Kevin are taking on the running of the championship.

Fortunately Tracey has agreed to remain as secretary handling club affiliations and the London marathon place, whilst Lynn Gilyatt will take some of the load by handling memberships. Our thanks to Tracey for all her work and to Lynn for offering to come in and support on memberships.

Thanks to all our officers and committee members whose hard work make our club what it is!