A Message From Your Chairman

That’s a bit official ain’t it.
Anyway I have been busy not doing anything chairman wise for a couple of months so I thought seeing as the Queen is talking ga ga to her new grand child and Cameron is busy playing Monopoly it was down to me to address the good running folk of Brandon.

So in no particular order here is some ramblings.

Martin was better at this than me but has stepped aside so we can all see how good he was compared to some loony with a beard.
Thanks though Martin for steering the club when nobody else was keen to. We now have a great little club and I hope we can continue to build it.

Thanks too, I think, are overdue to Sandra who for many years did the sums in the background. She has now stood aside and we have Helene chasing us for invoices and receipts.

Last week several of us went to Haughley park as guests of Stowmarket Striders. This was a great evening and helps to build friendships. I hope perhaps we could too occasionally host the odd social run.
A chance for a social run occurs in June a few days before our Wibbly Wobbly when as a club we run the route. We have 7 or 8 members of Thetford that have said they will help with our race so of course they will be invited to our pre race run.

Talking of the Wibbly, plans seem to be well under way and whilst it seems ages away the next few weeks will fly by. This this year we have already sold almost 250 places and we hope to fill the rest. If you see other runners at parkrun, the gym or even at other races don’t forget to give our event a plug. also book the 26th of June on your planner to help out if you can.

Details of our race and entry forms are on our web site BFH –

Ballet Folklorico Huehuecoyotl
Mexican Dance, Mexican Music,Dance and Musica Regional Mexico, Chicago, Elgin, Mexican dancers.

NO NO NO NO thats not our site. Outlook autofill seems to have heard that I am fleet of foot and a graceful dancer. Anyway Google “running in Thetford Forest” and look for our link. (it will help with SEO)

Talking of the web site I think we need to just mention the for many years Ian Cooper ran the website and did an excellent job. In the days before Facebook it was always our only contact area. It still is the place to go for official stuff and the calender of events we need to keep looking at it.
Mr Brodie has taken over from Mr Cooper and been able to utilise recent developments in software and web development tools to overhaul the site. Take a look there are several news items. If you travel take your club kit and take a picture of you wearing it in exotic locations.

Other stuff to mention includes the new club championship, every year it has a shake up to keep things interesting and details are on the web site under ‘Club Championship’.

Women’s Competition

Club Chamion Lyn Goodwin receives her trophy from Chairman Paul Meader
Lyn Goodwin receives her trophy from Chairman Paul Meader

The winner of the ladies was Lyn1 who put away some good times and a bit of cake too. The Final standings are on the website here.



David Toms receives his Trophy from Paul Meader

Men’s Competition:
Last year’s was won by David Toms who put away loads of marathons apparently. The Final standings for the men are on the website here.

There is a separate competition for Ken’s 5ks. These are going to be held at Mundford this summer on what sounds like a flat straight course again, look at the web site for details.

There is loads of stuff I have missed but the sandwich van will be here shortly
This bit was due to be edited but he came, I ate and then one the “missing links” that works next door started operating his forklift and everything stops to watch that, so now I am at home finishing this off