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Chairman’s Update

Right folks pour a cup of tea, crack open the biscuits because if you are going to read this you might as well do something worthwhile at the same time.
This is really just a jumble of thoughts thrown together as they come out.
I suppose the first thing to do is welcome our new members its nice to have some new blood amongst us and it is especially good that we are able to share our love of the forest with people that appreciate what we have been gifted with. Some of our newbies such as Shane have already pulled on the Dayglo green of the Fern Hoppers and ran in a race.
A couple of weeks ago you all know our club staged the Wibbly Wobbly and we had 300 or so entrants weaving in and out of trees and throwing themselves down dirt tracks in the hope that they would eventually get back to civilisation. It would seem from the feedback that everyone enjoyed themselves so a big pat on the back to everyone for showing the running world that a tiny club can put on an event to be proud of
Thanks to Helene for organising the recent bike run, and make sure you put the 29th of August in your diary as Helene and Scot want to see you running round their garden for The BFH sports day. This is an invitation to all members and their families, we need to support the social side of the club its not all about running you know.
Our web site Brandon Fern Hoppers | Running Club will have a listing of all upcoming events as well as pictures and video from our own race and various other stuff we have done.
Some serious stuff now.
As club members we have a duty to ensure the safety of ourselves and others whilst out running. Unless you are an experienced runner and know your body  you should be carrying water with you, by now every member should have one of the WWLJ bottles please use them. Dehydration and heat stroke can cause serious problems for yourself and those around you especially if you are in an isolated area of the forest.
Ticks next .
 One of the drawbacks of running in the forest is for some reason creepy crawlies see us as mobile feed stations. Many of our new members will not realise however that some of the creatures that bite can be dangerous. Ticks start off when they get on you as little more than what look like money spiders. So after a run check your body because if left they will latch and suck your blood. They spread a disease called Lyme disease please become familiar with the symptoms and try to use repellent if you can. Lyme disease – NHS Choices
OK and on that cheery note
Good night.
Don’t forget run and have fun

Run Bike Event-Brandon Country Park

A big week for the Fernhoppers got off to a terrific start last night (23rd June) with our Run Bike event at Brandon Country Park. There was a great turn out with many of the people who have joined us on recently joining in with this fun event. Some did very well, some had ‘mechanicals’, and some got lost (despite an excellent map), but thankfully not permanently!

Results to follow, but in the meantime here is some of the reaction on our BFH email list:

“What a brilliant evening thanks Helene for sorting that out… the best yet I reckon .. Cheers too to those that brought the food and refreshments.
Lets try and think of something else like that we could do…. “

“Seconded, thank you Helene. Lovely evening. Thanks also to Lynn and Lyn for the refreshments :)”

“Thanks to Helene for sorting it out, Paul for prizes, Lyn and Lynn for the important afters, Shane for being roped in to partnering me, Kate for encouraging me up the hills and everyone else for waiting fir me.

Looking forward to next year!”

“I too would like to echo my thanks to Helene.
Excellent turn out too…

From the longest server Fern Hopper, it is so nice to see that the club appears to be thriving once again. So much so, it is even beginning to lead me to want to get out there again and join you guys and girls.
So, not only is the current leadership attracting newbies, it may well be re-engaging with old has-beens as well.”