Newmarket Heath & Tower of London 5k

A busy period for the Fern Hoppers continued this week with Stephen ‘Frankhopper’ Spencer taking part in the British Heart Foundation 40th anniversary 5k at the Tower of London. An event which provided him with ample opportunity to indulge in some of his much loved puns. I don’t know what his ‘beef’ is, but I wish he’d stop ‘raven’ on about it!
Afterwards he observed that it was the first time he had run in a moat. Perhaps you should give Framlingham a try Frank!

On Thursday evening it was the turn of an old favourite in the form of the Newmarket Heath Race, or ‘The Gallops’ as it is sometimes affectionately known. I’m personally very fond of this race as it often seems to herald the start of the summer and longer evenings, although I have also stood at the start in the biting cold and the rain!
We had a great turn out of club runners as well as some friends of the club there to run or support, with a total representation of eight Fernhoppers and Paul to shout at us!
It’s a challenging course (I pity the poor horses, but I suppose they are pros!) but everyone did well, top billing has to go to Lily who walked away with the F-U21 prize. Very well done to her!

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