Club Championship

2017/2018 Championship

The New Championship begins on Monday 1st May and will run until the end of February 2018 so prizes can be awarded at the club dinner next March (as established by the AGM) and is open to all paid up members from the day they are paid up.

The 2017/18 Championship will be decided by achievement rated against standards, adjusted for age and gender.

See the two tables listing six levels of standards from Gold (best) down to Black. These tables are available here for women, and here for men

The only events to count will be officially measured races at the following distances:

5km, 5mile, 10km, 10mile, Half Marathon, 15mile, 20mile, Marathon.
Club 5K handicaps will count.

This means that the events to count will be hard surface races, it being notoriously difficult to accurately measure off road.

It also means that only full distances from start to finish will count as interim distance markers are rarely accurate.

Points will be awarded at the end of the championship for runners’ best standards achieved during the period, from 6points for a gold to 1 point for a black.

The standard to be used to rate any race will be the one for the age group you are in on the day of the race. This means that your best standard may not be for a season’s best if you go up an age group during the course of the year.

Ties will be resolved by counting the highest number of golds, then silvers etc and if that fails to produce a winner then the longer distances will be considered above shorter ones.

2017/18 Improvers Award

The points from standards achieved at the end of September 2017 will be subtracted from those achieved at the end of February to find who has made the most improvement. Only distances which have been run in both halves will count, but those finished in the first half which failed to make black standard will count as a zero.

In the event of the same member winning both categories they will only receive the Championship Award and the next best improver will be promoted.


Please send in results as this year if you want them recorded as a new standard (i.e. a new season’s best for the distance). Send to with the word RESULTS in the subject line. It is vital you include the following data:
Date, Event, Distance, Time achieved, Age on day of race & Standard claimed.

You will find it useful if you get a notebook and record all your races and highlight new standards.

You may even want to record all your training runs for future entertaining reading, taking note of distance, time, weather etc etc

Keep running,
Keep racing,
Keep sending in the results
Stop slacking at the back