Club Championship 2018

The ethos for this year’s competition is improvement over the season and trying to better your previous best time, over a given distance in the current year!

The table below sets out the points you will get for entering official races (parkrun and Ken’s time trial included).
The first time you enter a distance you will only get the entry points regardless of the time you run, this will set your baseline for that distance over the season. The next time you enter that same distance you have a chance to improve your times and get bonus points for a season’s best time (SB).

  • The  season will run from 1/4/18 – 28/2/19
    The only times that will be taken from previous runs will be parkrun Personal Bests (PBs).
    Time trials will be from 1/4/18 and a baseline time will need to be achieved so that subsequent SBs can be achieved.
  • The points for each distance are not added together, so for example if you enter a 5K and get a SB it will be 2 points not 3, ( only the SB points will count).
  • All races must be officially measured and can be on any surface or terrain.
  • All results must have a copy of the official timing result
DistancePoints for EnteringPoints for Season’s Best
Half Marathon48
parkrun Personal Best (not dog assisted) = 2points